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Balewadi Residency Co-Op Housing Welfare Federation popularly known as the Balewadi Welfare Federation is a registered organisation working for the progress and betterment of Pune's most sort after suburb named Balewadi.

On the occasion of the Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti on Sunday 19th February 2023, Balewadi Welfare Federation seeks to felicitate some common Balewadi citizens doing extraordinary work in various fields. Through this endeavor we aim to not only recognise the exemplary deeds of these unsung community heroes but also express our gratitude, appreciation and unfailing support towards them.


Selflessly driven individuals who quietly dedicate their time, efforts and unique skills for something greater than themselves, may often go unseen and unacknowledged by the very society that they enrich.


Balewadi is blessed with a multitude of exemplary citizens doing work in various spheres. Through ‘BWF Citizens Awards’ we aim to recognise and celebrate these distinguished individuals and their invaluable contributions


We appeal to the Balewadi community to help us reach out and nominate such citizens who have made impacts in the mentioned areas and are residents of Balewadi or non residents who have created an impact in balewadi

Knowing the process & rules :

  • Last date to submit the filled up Nominations forms will be 10th February 2023.

  • Final Awardee list will be announced on the 12th February 2023 by the Secretary of BWF.

  • Five member jury panel will be appointed for the selection of the awardees.

  • The decision taken by the Jury panel will be considered final.

  • BWF Committee Members or any of their Family members will not be eligible for the award.

  • Any person who is politically associated to any party or its allied organisations will not be eligible.

  • Government Officers and Employees will not be eligible for the Award.

  • Awardee should be a resident of Balewadi who has helped create an impact for the betterment of the society at large, or anyone who is not a resident of Balewadi but has significantly contributed for the area and has created an impact for bringing change.

  • Date, Time, and Venue of the award function will be decided and informed by the BWF

  • BWF reserves all rights in relation with the said awards.

  • Incomplete Nomination forms will not be considered.

  • Names of the Jury panel will not be disclosed to any one

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